Phil & Wendell



Trombonist Phil Ranelin and saxophonist Wendell Harrison are among the last people to be surprised at jazz’s resurging popularity. Together, they have dedicated over half a century to making Jazz education and concerts accessible to all. In the early 1970s in Detroit, Ranelin and Henderson would found Tribe Records, a small jazz label that grew to become a model of independent enterprise and ownership. For its time, it was nothing short of revolutionary. Working together with a tight-knit community of supporters, Tribe engineered a platform that placed artists in control of marketing and selling their own works. The results are some of the most soulful and urgent jazz records of any era, timeless classics whose ethos and ambition have guided generations of musicians that followed.

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Tucked away from the sprawl of Los Angeles, nestled off the 605 Freeway, lies one of Jazz music’s best kept secrets. A composer, renegade, and wanderer whose musical journey is gaining a second wind. Garrett Saracho has lived many lives, from being a fresh-faced signee to Impulse Records in the early 1970s to working on blockbuster films to touring with his cousins’ iconic rock group Redbone decades later. But while his stories have always been pushed to the background, this next chapter finds him standing tall at center stage.