Jazz Is Dead Concert Season pass

Owner of this NFT will have tickets, for 2 people, to every Jazz Is Dead concert in 2022. *We anticipate at least 25 concerts this year but fully expect there will be more.
Digital Collectable

2022 Concert Season Pass
$1500 USD

How to purchase

There are a couple options available to purchase a Jazz Is Dead membership.  

Option 1: Simply add to cart and go through normal check out process and pay with credit or debt card.

Please make sure to include your NAMI wallet address in the notes section at check out. You will also be emailed a message with instructions on how to get your wallet and submit your wallet address. Without this we will not know where to send your digital collectable.

Option 2: For those familiar with NFTs and cryptocurrency you can pay with ADA (Cardano)
from a NAMI wallet. Send $1500usd in ADA to the address below. Please email us after you’ve made a payment. info(at)jazzisdead (Dot)co
ADRESS: $jazzisdead

See links below to learn more about digital collectabl/NFTs, NAMI wallet, ADA, blockchain and more.

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