Katalyst JID013
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In the storied and woefully under-celebrated history of Los Angeles Jazz, community has remained the beating heart and driving force. In the 1960s, Horace Tapscott's Pan Afrikan People's Arkestra and Union of God Musicians Ascension Association connected local jazz
musicians. More recently, Los Angeles' new Jazz Renaissance has flourished both on a local and global scale through steady collaboration and mentorship of the next generation. Take a close look at the current jazz landscape, and it soon becomes apparent that the Inglewood-based Katalyst Collective are the new torchbearers of this tradition. Founded in 2014, Katalyst Collective has never been one for labels. Rather than strictly a live act, they've acted as an incubator for a fresh crop of local talent, helping hone the voices and talents of individual members, while collectively advancing like a phalanx. Each "Kat" writes their own solo material, and everyone contributes and works together on each project, feeding off the communal energy.

A cultural movement redefining the way we listen, feel & think about great music. All open minds welcome.