Jazz is Dead Series 1 SILVER NFTs

As a thank you to all of the record collectors that have a complete set of our Series 1 albums on vinyl  (JID001-JID010), we have created a special and limited NFT.
As our NFT program continues to grow and release new NFT’s, we will begin to implement contests, giveaways, lotteries and raffles. Ownership of the Series 1 SILVER NFT will be a tool to gain entry. 


Series 1 Silver Vinyl NFT How To Earn: You must own a vinyl copy of Jazz Is Dead 001, Roy Ayers JID002, Marcos Valle JID003, Azymuth JID004, Doug Carn JID005, Gary Bartz JID006, João Donato JID007, Brian Jackson JID008, Instrumentals JID009 and Remixes JID010.  

Utility: NFT will hold SIGNIFICANT value for future drawings, raffles, lotteries, giveaways, challenges.

How do you claim yours?

You can provide proof and claim your FREE NFT by emailing a photo of yourself with the
entire Jazz Is Dead series 1 collection. We realize Remixes JID010 has not been shipped yet.
To show proof of purchase for the Remixes JID010 forward your receipt along with the
aformentioned photo to:

*Important!* You must Include your CARDANO Crypto Wallet in the email.  This is where we will be sending your NFT so be sure to include this. 
Click the video below for more information on how to get your wallet.

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