jazz is dead

Behind the Scenes: Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Hey Lover feat. Roy Ayers

Dreams come true. New music from #RoyAyers by Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed recorded in the sanctuary that is Linear Labs. Jazz Is Dead is now an official record label. Creating what we consider some of the hardest jazz records on the planet. 

The inaugural release of Jazz Is Dead is a futuristic nod to the past: a dream come true for two Producers that started their careers DJing and sampling some of the greatest jazz icons. “It’s surreal to be in the studio with cats ranging from Marcos Valle to Roy Ayers. The stories, the music and the experience is something Jazz Is Dead wants to share with the world,” states Adrian Younge (producer and cofounder of JID). With 7 albums slated to release this year, the compilation provides a sneak peak into the full length albums coming soon.