digable planets recap

Three concerts with Digable Planets this past weekend. LA showing major love to Shabazz Palaces, Ladybug Mecca, and Doodle Bug, and the whole crew! 

It’s been about three years since the last time that Digable Planets performed in Los Angeles, so you know this was going to be a special treat. No matter the venue, each show was something transcendal, as the group took you back to the golden years. This was historical for the Jazz Is Dead series as it represents a huge part of what we believe in. Digable Planets represents just how important the influence of Jazz is and has been on so many generations.

The first set was opened up by DJ Al Jackson, who laced us with all of the hits from back in the day. As you may know, all three shows were sold out, so the real committed fans showed their true colors during the first set, leaving Digable even more energized to bless us with more of their musical genius. The second set had a line around the block eager to get in while DJ Jedi was keeping the vibe right before the legendary show began all over again. The uproar of the crowd throughout the entire show was crazy and left the group speechless by the end of the night. It was unbelieveable to think, that this was all going to happen one more time the following day.

The third set on Monday finally arrives, and we packed the house at the Regent.  This Digable Planets buzz lasted all weekend long and we did not want it to end. The last time they were in Los Angeles, they had performed at the Regent, so it was kind of serendipitous to close everything out here. With this all being said, the entire crowd was fully invested into the show and definitely feeling cool like that once we heard “Rebirth of Slick.”

Thank you all who came out to be apart of Los Angeles history and for making the Jazz Is Dead movement live.