jazz is dead

wendell harrison
& phil ranelin

Tribe was a collective of Detroit based musicians. The collective released their music under their own moniker, Tribe Records. It lasted from approximately 1972-1977. It was during this time that some of the heaviest soul, spiritual and avant-garde jazz records were released. Tribe was more then a record label or a group of jazz musicians. “It was a living example of the ways that community and cultural capital could evolve together during the American century’s final third, in a city that helped define the era’s musical and civic spirit: Detroit, Michigan…who embodied the late 1960s’ spirit of black self-determination. It ended up a local institution, tutoring program, and one of the unmistakable through lines in the city’s musical history. The contributions of Tribe members stretch directly from Ray Charles and Motown to Geri Allen and Detroit techno.” Quote taken from Pitchfork article by Piotr Orlov. Learn more about Tribe from Pitchfork, NY Times or BBC.