What is utility?

Utility is the application of value to a digital asset.  Our NFTs will have both digital utility and real life utility. 
For example: Our NFTs offer the holder access to our real life concerts, raffles for merchandise giveaways and much more.  See video below for a short explanation. 
We will be constantly adding utility to our NFTs. Stay tuned!

Why are NFTs Valuable?

Our NFTs are valuable because we control their scarcity as well as their utility.  Our community engagement will also play a big part in boosting the value of our project. 

Other reasons our NFTs are valuable.

1. Our NFTS Are Pegged To Real-World Assets
Our NFTs can also be used to represent real world assets such as vinyl, merchandise, guest lists or event tickets. These NFTs are also a means of proving ownership verifiable on the blockchain. 

2. Our NFT Projects Reward Holders
We intend to provide owners with regular rewards. We will also airdrop future NFTS into the digital wallets of community members and holders.  This will inspire a desire for others to own our NFTs. The goal is to fuel the success of our project and encourage owners to hold their NFTs, so value increases.

3. You’re Early
This is not only our first NFT collection but it is also one of the first NFTs from a music label/event promoter anywhere in the world. If you get into our collection on the ground floor, you will not only be holding a valuable piece of LA music and tech history but you will be apart of an exclusive community of music lovers from around the world. 

4. Our NFTs are a Tool for Community Building
Holders of our project will have a financial stake in this project. Every NFT that you own will gain value based on the numerous events an utility we are offering. This means that when you advertise our events on social media or in real life you draw attention to our community.  This in turn will create a greater demand for the NFTs which will increase the value of the NFTs for the whole community. When our NFTs win, the owners and holders win.

What is Utility?

Put simply, utility is a way to create real world value for an NFT holder. 

Utility for JID NFTs

Event access, guest list, FREE NFT airdrops to drawings, raffles, lotteries, giveaways and challenges. The NFT series is a collectable that will keep on giving!

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